Josep López


AI-powered self-checkout food kiosk


The AI-powered self-checkout food kiosk is designed for self-service restaurants, grab & go stores, travel and leisure restaurants, and bakery shops. 

Customers place items within the field of view of the three built-in cameras. They then interact with the touchscreen (Kiosk-POS) to review the detected dishes and products, check prices, add extras, scan loyalty cards, and make payments using various methods (typically a card terminal). Additionally, the kiosk can function as a classic prepayment kiosk. 

The UI is adaptable to different screen sizes (horizontal or vertical) and offers shorter or longer payment flows based on the restaurant context and user type. For internal use, there’s a menu where employees can capture product or dish images, input lunch menu, manage inventory, and adjust camera settings or lighting.


Reduce customer payment time, modernize the UI, and enhance the user experience by applying heuristics, principles, and best practices.

We also consider the physical interaction between users and the product within its context of use